Spring Training Basketball League 2021 Dates: April 13th-
11th, Tuesdays @ the Rochester Sports Garden
6-8 PM. Boys, ages 12-14

Cost: $149 before March 29th, $169 after

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As a coach and mentor for young athletes, my passion lies in the area of both skill and long term
development. Over the years, I have watched young players spend countless weekends going from
tournament to tournament
playing game after game. In some cases, the kids playing will improve, but
many times
very little improvement occurs. Often times, I have observed that the most athletic and
physically advanced kids dominate this type of basketball. Although these players may dominate,
some of these same players stay the same athletically or even regress as time goes on because
they have not acquired the skills (shooting, passing, footwork, ball handling, basketball sense) that
will allow them to maximize their potential in the long run. In school we teach academic “skills” so
students can be promoted to the next level [grade level]. This isn’t happening in basketball. In
addition, I have observed various instances where a youth coach overemphasizes winning a
tournament or trophy, solid players sitting the bench/ playing minimally, or the “best” player being
allowed to dominate the ball. These negative experiences can frequently lead a young athlete to
eventually quit the sport. Studies show the top 4 reasons kids play sports are to:

1.Have fun
2. Improve skills and learn new ones
3. Experience the thrills and excitement of competition
4. Be with peers or make new friends

The STBL is a top flight,
5 week program for male basketball players ages 12-14. My intention with
the STBL is to promote fundamentals, learning and skill development in a positive, upbeat
environment. In addition to skill work players will have "scrimmage time", where they play full court
games with corrective feedback from staff, in addition to 3 on 3 half court games. Small sided games
give players more space and repetitions to practice their moves and skills, while also teaching
concepts that lead players to develop “basketball intelligence”.  We will keep score of games but
the emphasis will be on kids learning to apply what we work on in game situations.

Although this is a developmental league, this is NOT a program for beginners or recreational
players, and unfortunately, this program will not be the right fit for everybody. Players will need to
have had substantial basketball experience (camps, organized play, etc.). Players will be PUSHED by
NLH staff in all drill and game situations. We believe that skill acquisition is optimized when an
athlete plays assertively and with an edge. We are committed to giving 100% to assist your child in
becoming a better basketball player. We are not driven by egos and selfish motives, nor will we try
and sell parents dreams of college athletic scholarships .We will instruct with the same passion and
enthusiasm to ALL youth that choose to participate regardless of if they are “average” or a “future

Thank you for your time. If you are truly interested in your child learning to play the game,
developing a better understanding of work ethic, and gaining new skills to improve, we welcome
you to join us!

Ray Smith
Next Level Hoops