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Total Player Development Workouts

Grades 9+

Players will work in pairs on the VertiMax unit. The VertiMax  helps athletes with their vertical jump performance as well as their explosive speed development.  The VertiMax is one of the most advance
sports performance training systems designed to assist athletes with athletic performance!

You can check out more information about the Vertimax here:
Vertimax on YouTube

Players will also work on shot footwork, proper shot ready mechanics, the importance of balance and dynamic stability, ball placement and consistency, game situation drills (in  transition, out of post play,
using screens, kick outs, pick & roll, etc.) 1 on 1 play, ball-handling and more.

High School Female Skill Workouts- Spring, Summer, Fall
This program is for female players at the high school level, consisting of skill development and game situations. Participants will learn the fundamentals, individual and team concepts to help them become a
well-rounded, efficient basketball player. Workouts will be conducted at an intense pace. This is NOT for beginners.

Middle School Workouts- Spring, Summer, Fall
This program is for males and females grades 6-8. Players will be divided by gender and or/skill level. The focus of these workouts will be on ball-handling, shooting off the catch and off the dribble in addition
to an emphasis on footwork. Players will also play in small-sided game situations to develop their basketball IQ.

Up and Comers Program- Spring, Summer, Fall
                                       This high energy, instructional program for players ages 8-11 meets once a week for an hour. Players will learn the proper fundamentals that will allow them to develop a sound
basketball foundation

Small Group Skill Development- Summer, Fall

Taking a similar approach to private skills training, small group training places 3-5 athletes of a similar skill level together. Individual skills are still the main focus, but a small group allows for competitive
drills including both 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 game situations and competitive shooting drills . Athletes can sign up as a group or be placed by our staff based on age and skill level. Each workout is 1 hour long.

Payment for all programs can be made online or via check and sent to:
Next Level Hoops
244 Tryon Estates
Rochester, NY 14609