your Basketball Potential

    August 26th, 2014 BY COACH RAY SMITH

    I am a firm believer that there are four primary factors that
    determine how successful a basketball player becomes in his
    or her career.

    These four factors are what we at Next Level Hoops,
    Rochester, NY discuss with our players constantly. The great
    thing is that most of these factors can be controlled by the
    athlete. It's a pretty simple theory, the stronger you are in
    these areas, the better basketball player you will become.
    Below are the 4 factors with several specific examples of
    each,]. For a FULL description with explanations of each
    example and an actual breakdown of an all-time NBA great
    please purchase our ebook Taking it to the Next Level.

    Without further ado.................

    1. Physical Traits
  • Height
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Lateral quickness
  • Wingspan

    2. Mindset
  • Work ethic
  • Passion for the game
  • Assertiveness
  • Attitude
  • Mental toughness

    3. Basketball IQ
  • Understanding your strengths
  • Understanding team mate's strengths
  • Being able to accurately, and quickly process situations
    on the court
  • Being able to catch onto a coach's offensive and
    defensive concepts and plays quickly
  • Making good decisions with and without the ball

    4. Basketball Skills
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Ball-handling
  • Footwork

    Take time to review these 4 areas, write them down and take a good look
    at yourself. Again, feel free to check out the ebook Taking it to the Next
    Level to get a more in depth description of this concept. Remember, it's a
    simple game!

    Coach Smith
Level Ebook: $9.99
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