Shoot High % Shots
    September 2nd, 2014 BY COACH RAY SMITH

    A good basketball team and most good ball players consistently
    attempt shots that can be made more often than missed. For
    each player, what determines a high quality shot is different
    usually depending on size, and skill level. The less contested
    and more on balance one is when attempting the shot,
    the higher likelihood the ball has of going in the basket.

    High percentage shots can include but certainly are not limited
    to the following for post players:

  • Jump hook middle
  • Baseline dribble drop step layup/dunk
  • Alley oop dunk
  • Uncontested/semi-contested elbow/foul line jump shot off
    the catch
  • Quick finishes off of dump off passes

    For perimeter players high percentage shots may look like:

  • Elbow jump shots off the dribble
  • Lay ups / floaters off rim drives
  • Uncontested/semi-contested catch and shoot jumpers off
    screens and kick outs

    Remember, it's a simple game!

    Coach Smith
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