Characteristics of a High Level Point Guard

FEBRUARY 21, 2015

  1. Is in sync with the head coach (basically, a coach on the floor)
  2. A great communicator
  •   Reminds team mates of game strategy
  • With and without ball, gives team mates direction
         3. Plays at different speeds on offense
         4. Knows the team's plays better than any other player on the team and can effectively get team into correct  
         5. Makes foul shots at a  75+% RATE
         6. Understands and the strengths and weaknesses of his team mates
         7. Using a ball screen or out of open space, can consistently get into the lane and find
             open team mates
         8. Can knock down open shots at a high rate
         9. Understands tempo ( when to push the pace and when to get into half court offense)
         10. Able to effectively handle man to man full court pressure
         11. In control of emotions although he/she may be a passionate athlete
         12. Understands and executes pick and roll reads
         13. On defense, can keep the offensive player in front and out of the lane
         14. Can finish at the basket in traffic
         15. Can feed the post effectively