Keep it Movin'

    September 15th, 2004 BY COACH RAY SMITH

    Good teams and good players move both the ball and their bodies purposefully
    and consistently. When teams consist of players that can shoot off the catch,
    keep the ball moving and drive with purpose and decisiveness, they are difficult
    to contain.

    Here are some basic offensive principles to think about in terms of effectively
    moving the basketball:

  • When you have the ball in the back court, look to pass the ball ahead to
    a ball handler. The ball moves up the floor quicker off the pass than it
    does the dribble. By doing this   in transition, you force the defense to
    flatten out making scoring opportunities more available.

  • In halfcourt offense, never stand still longer than 3 seconds. Screen for
    team mates to get them open. Cut to an OPEN space on the floor

  • When catching the ball in half court, have a 3 second count in your head.
    Within those 3 seconds, shoot a quality shot, drive the ball to an open
    area,( facing up or playing with back to basket) or pass to an open team
    mate. re-setting the offense or using a ball screen are among the only
    times when a player may have the ball for longer than 3 seconds.

  • You want a defense to move around as much as possible. When this
    happens, there are multiple holes in the defense, making it easier to
    drive the basketball towards the rim.

  • When team mates penetrate and your defender helps on the ball..........
    MOVE. Post players need to move away from their defender, meaning if
    he/she helpd baseline, relocate middle and vice versa. For perimeter
    players, when a defender helps low, relocate high and when help is high,
    relocate low/corner area. You DO NOT want to let ONE defender be able
    to help on the ball, stopping penetration and guard you at the same time.
    We must make this help person make a decision, commit to the ball and
    leave us open or commit to us and possibly give up a  drive by our team

    Remember, it's a simple game!

    Coach Smith

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