Good Books to Read:
    Part 1

    December 20th, 2014

           A major part in becoming a great basketball
    player is being a player who "gets it". By this I mean
    someone who has a high basketball IQ, a player that
    can quickly process situations on the court and just
    as quickly make the accurate decision. While much
    of this is gained from actual competition, some of
    this can be acquired through studying the game. A
    part of studying the game can come from reading.

    Here area few books that focus on basketball skill
    and IQ development, to add to your "self-help"

    1. Stuff Good Players Should Know- Dick DeVenzio
    2. Basketball Guard Play- Steve Alford and Ed
    3. Playing Big- Pete Newell
    4. Basketball Steps to Success- Hal Wissell