Contesting Shots on

         February 2nd, 2015

          In basketball, every possession on both offense
    and defense, count. For the sake of this article we will
    talk about the defensive side of the ball.

             Good teams play defense. And a huge part of
    defending involves making shots tough on opponents.
    Unless you are in major foul trouble, there should never
    be a time on defense when you are near an opponent
    and don't try to bother the shot. Contesting a shot is not
    necessarily blocking the shot. Essentially it involves
    making it hard for the opponent to see the basket.
             Players like the retired Shane Battier would
    literally put their hand in the face of the guarded player
    to obstruct their view of the basket. To keep it simple, on
    the perimeter when your opponent attempts to shoot put
    a hand up near the face (don't touch) without jumping if
    they are the same size or smaller. On the perimeter, if
    the player is bigger or you are farther away from him/her
    and you are running out to contest the shot, jump and
    put a hand in the face but turn your  body to the side to
    avoid contact. One of the worst things to do is foul a
    jump shooter, in particular someone taking a three-
    pointer. In the paint, things differ some as you may more
    often than not try to actually block the shot while
    avoiding body contact.

             Remember that in any activity where one is aiming
    for a target, when there is an object in the way, it makes
    the target that much more difficult to hit. So, do your
    team a favor and make it your job to CONTEST SHOTS