Basic Basketball Defensive

    NOVEMBER 12TH, 2014

    Strong Side- The side of the floor that the ball is on

    Weak side- The side of the floor the ball isn’t on. On defense it’s
    important for weak side defenders to locate where the ball is

    Ball Pressure- When a defender is active with their hands and feet,
    creating less space and vision for a ball-handler

    Dig down- When a guard on defense comes down to bother an
    opposing player after the ball has been entered into the low post.

    Arm bar- When a player on defense raises and presses his/her
    forearm against a player on offense to guard against an opponent,
    usually a low post player,  trying to back them down

    Help and recover- When defender in help position recognizes the
    player a teammate is guarding is open. The defender helps by putting
    their body in front of the open player until they pick up the ball or until
    their team mate gets back. This player then speedily gets back to the
    person they were guarding

    Contest- When defender raises his/her arm straight up to bother the
    shot of an opponent