Next Level Hoops (NLH) offers the ultimate experience for the
competitive middle/high school and college level basketball
player. Our program is designed to assist individuals in becoming
the best basketball players and athletes possible. We offer intense
small group workouts from March to October in addition to
individual training sessions. Our program is designed for the
athlete who is
serious about improving in all facets of the game.
We help provide the training edge that you will need to compete
for major playing time, roster spots and college scholarships.
Players need to work on improving their skills and adding new
facets to their games. Playing primarily in weekend tournaments
and leagues will NOT accomplish that. We also believe that in
addition to a high skill level, the best players have a level of
assertiveness that further enhances their skill set; therefore, we
really "
GET AFTER IT" with our clients.
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Rochester, NY
(585) 271-5726
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2014 Winter Boys Mini-Clinic
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Christmas Break Clinics and Small
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